How to Get Creative With Crushed Styrofoam

by Toni Burks-Grijalva

Make these fun fluffy blooms with crushed styrofoam colored with inks and sprays. Special thanks to Holly Young on YouTube for her how to video for making your flower fluff.


  • Canvas
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Brick Stencil
  • *Mud Texture Paste
  • *Colorations-Warm, French Toast, Sunshine, Barbie
  • *Colorations-Indigo, Salmon, Clover
  • *Minx Inks - Allure, Majestic, Bankroll
  • *Fairy Dust-Gilded Gold
  • Moss
  • Styrofoam
  • Floral Wire
  • Aileens Tacky Glue
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    To start our canvas choose scrapbook paper for the inside, brick stencil and Mud Texture Paste. Cut your paper the size to fit the inside and stencil your bricks on the paper.

    Step 2

    Put a coat of texture paste on the sides to cover the staples, then stencil your bricks on the sides and back of your canvas. Set aside to dry completely. Now to make our blossoms

    Step 3

    Take two pieces of styrofoam and rub together to get your particles, choose your color inks and mix with stir stick. Do not dry with heat gun because that will melt the styrofoam. It dries very fast.

    Step 4

    Here are some colors I made. I used assorted sprays and inks.

    Step 5

    Here are some more colors I made.

    Step 6

    Take some floral wire stems and using Aileens Tacky Glue or adhesive of choice add to the tip of the wire.

    Step 7

    Sorry about the photo here. This is the wire with the tacky glue on it. Start rolling the fibers on the wire gently pressing them with your fingers and then add more fibers for fullness.

    Step 8

    Allow to dry in a piece of styrofoam.

    Step 9

    Don't toss those leftovers, put together to create a multi-colored blossom.

    Step 10

    To create cracks in your brick covered canvas, use archival ink in black and this stamp is Andy Skinner's mixed media stamp.

    Step 11

    Randomly spritz your brick background with different tones of sprays, I used Art Anthology Warm and French Toast.

    Step 12

    Edge the sides of the canvas with black soot DI

    Step 13

    And the canvas is coming together, now really looking like a brick planter in a garden.

    Step 14

    Give a couple coats to your chipboard pieces of white gesso and use a sponge to provide more texture once dried.

    Step 15

    Using Art Anthology Metal Effects paint your pieces and once dry smudge the tops with black soot DI to create a more pewter look.

    Step 16

    I added flat side pearls to my gate and paint the entire piece with Metal Effects Silver and smudged with black soot DI. Glue your reindeer moss to the inside of the canvas and attach your gate.

    Step 17

    Let's start adding our stems here and there. Also add some moss to the high sides of the canvas for eye appeal and interest. Add your flowers inside the moss also.

    Step 18

    I had this teeny tiny terracotta pot so I adhered it to the canvas, filled it with the moss and added some of my blooms

    Step 19

    Added an IDEAOOGY piece to the bottom and wire.

    Step 20

    I know there is alot of steps to this project, but it really wasn't hard at all, Just depends on how much you want to add to your piece.

    Step 21

    The Clock was hung with ball chain and a IDEAOLOGY token for interest.

    Step 22

    For more inspiration please follow me on and

    Step 23

    For the supplies listed with * in front please check out Art Anthology's store here