How to Get Amazing Water Marble Nails

by Karla Powell MUA

On a budget!


  • Bowl
  • Bottled water
  • MUA Nail varnishes
  • Nail varnish remover
  • Orange stick
  • Selotape
  • Cotton buds
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Use a cheap bowl an apply bottled water half way. Make sure the water is cool.

    Step 2

    Pick at least 2-3 of you favourite nail varnishes. I have used MUA Cosmetics nail varnishes to get my marble effect.

    Step 3

    Now start to drop your nail varnish into the water...

    Step 4

    Repeat the step of dropping nail varnish into the water using a different nail varnish shade...

    Step 5

    Repeat this step until you are happy with your effect. Do work quick at this point as the nail varnish can go hard fast!

    Step 6

    Now take a sharp object such as an orange stick-I have used a small cotton bud. Now get creative and swirl your nail varnish into your desired design!

    Step 7

    Use selotape and apply this around the edges of your nail. This will protect the skin. Now gently dip your nail into your marble pattern!

    Step 8

    Remove the selotape from around your nail. Any unwanted nail varnish can be cleaned up with a cotton bud and nail varnish remover.

    Step 9

    Tah Dah!!! Water marble nails :) Don't forget a top coat to ensure your amazing nails last!

    Step 10

    Finally why not experiment in all sorts of colours & patterns? Follow my makeup world on Twitter guys: @karlapowellmua