How to Get a Quick Summary of Large Text

by Tutorial Doctor

In a snap!


Step 1

First you need some large text. Something like the Apple inc Terms of Service. hehe

Step 2

Go the the TOOLS4NOOBS website ( This site lets you summarize a URL or any text you paste in the large window below!

Step 3

Click SUMMARIZE IT! And in no time, YOU HAVE A SUMMARY. This summary has only 34 sections.

Step 4

This is a summary of the Apple TOS.

Step 5

I wonder how the Declaration of Independence would be summarized...

Step 6

Let's see here...

Step 7

This is Editorial, the best text editor on the planet!

Step 8

The summary from Tools4Noobs!

Step 9


Step 10

Hair Loss Summary

Step 11

This is the Editorial app. Some research I did on hair.

Step 12

Pasted it into the tool (Editorial has a built in browser)

Step 13

And I got a very, very good summary of my research.