How to Get a Dancer's Legs in 10-Minutes

by P+K _


  • A chair
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Do each exercise 10x before moving on. Complete all exercises with the right leg, then all with the left. Be sure that hips are even, bum is tucked under, shoulders are down, and the back is straight

    Step 2

    FIRST POSITION PLIE: Start in first position, be sure that your toes are in line with your knees. Slowly bend knees and lower as far down without lifting the heals off the floor. Slowly rise back up

    Step 3

    SECOND POSITION PLIE: Stand feet shoulder width apart, toes in the same line as the knees and do the same as first position pliƩ making sure that the bum stays tucked in and in line with knees

    Step 4

    Tendu front, side, and back are all completed in first position. Hold the optional chair/table with the left hand and the right arm in second position. Beginners can hold there right hand on the hip

    Step 5

    TENDU FRONT: Extend the right foot in front of you, leading with your heal, keeping the ball of the foot on the floor until the leg is fully extended and turned out. Slowly come back to starting

    Step 6

    TENDU SIDE: Pretty much the same as the tendu front. Slowly extend the leg in the same plain as the left foot while keeping the torso and hips facing forward and the right knee towards the ceiling.

    Step 7

    TENDU BACK: Like front and side, but directly behind you. The hips should be even and the ball of the foot should stay on the ground for as long as possible. Be sure to keep the right elbow up!

    Step 8

    BATEMENT FRONT: Start in first position then slowly bring the right foot up the left leg like you are drawing a line up the center of the leg to the knee with the right big toe. Extend the leg outward

    Step 9

    BATEMENT FRONT CONT: Hips are down, toes pointed, torso facing forward, and right leg rotated out. Hold, then slowly lower straight back to starting. Complete all ten before moving on

    Step 10

    BATTEMENT SIDE: Like the front but to the side. Be sure to keep the torso facing forward and the hips even- the proper positioning is more important than the leg being out to the side or high up.

    Step 11

    BATTEMENT BACK: Same as front and side, but to the back. Keep the torso up and hips even. The longer you hold these, the more toning will be happening in the bum. Just keep shoulder down

    Step 12

    ARABESQUE TO ATTITUDE: This one is soooo great for those saddlebags. Begin facing the chair/table with feet in first position. Slowly extend the right leg directly back.

    Step 13

    ARABESQUE TO ATTITUDE ONT: Hold, then bend the knee so your are in attitude. Hold again, then extend straight back. Continue this straight, bent pattern ten times, then lower back to starting.

    Step 14

    ATTITUDE RELEVE: Begin in first position facing toward the chair. Extend the leg back into attitude, making sure the knee stays as close to parallel to the floor as possible with hips even

    Step 15

    ATTITUDE RELEVE CONT: Slowly lift the left foot so you are on the balls of your foot, then lower back down. Complete ten releve's before lowering the leg back down.

    Step 16

    You did it!! Now start back at the beginning but do everything on the left side. You are sure to feel this in the morning! For more health and fitness tips, visit