How to Germinate and Grow a Lemon Tree

by Bobbie Leigh

Learn how to germinate a lemon seed straight from the lemon! 🍋


  • A lemon
  • Soil
  • A ziplock bag
  • Cups or small pots
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Cut your lemon in half

    Step 2

    Gather your seeds, being careful not to take the seeds that have been cut by the knife

    Step 3

    Take your finger nail and indent it into the top on the seed, peeling the outer layer of the shell

    Step 4

    Once all seeds are peeled..take a paper towel and place the seeds on top, fold one side over, then lightly pour water on top of the paper towel. It should be nice and damp, not dripping

    Step 5

    Place in a ziplock bag and store in a dark and warm place or a warm heating pad

    Step 6

    5-9 days later your seeds will being to sprout. Once you are at this stage, individually plant each seed in damped soil

    Step 7

    In just a few days your seeds will begin to sprout through the soil

    Step 8

    Sometimes you may get a seed that sprouts two shoots, this is called a polly embryonic plant. Usually the smaller shoot will not bear fruit, while the taller one will bear fruit identical to the lemon

    Step 9

    This is two weeks later! Continue to water your plant every other day, at this point you can keep your plant inside. Though I still keep mine outside. I will keep you updated with more pics. Enjoy!