How to (For Dogs) Enjoy an Empty Peanut Butter Jar

by Rollie Brandt

Using only paws and tongue, Molly demonstrates how to lick an empty plastic peanut butter jar clean!


  • Dog who likes peanut butter
  • Plastic PB jar emptied
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    "People! What YOU call "empty" is NOT! Think of US DOGS!"

    Step 2

    "Remove the label but don't worry about residue. We don't care about that anyway! We want the PEANUT BUTTER you've left behind!"

    Step 3

    "First I try paws-free..."

    Step 4

    "You humans can only wish for a tongue like mine!"

    Step 5

    "You people have hands. We dogs have pretty clever paws!"

    Step 6

    "Oh this is SO GOOD!"

    Step 7

    "Once it's spotless, I'm no longer interested. My parents usually toss the jar in recycling. THEN I ENJOY LICKING MY LIPS FOR A WHILE!"