How to Fold Dollar/any Bill Into a Shirt - Origami

by Mindy H.


Step 1

Step 2

Fold in half lengthwise.

Step 3

Fold sides in lengthwise toward the center.

Step 4

Flip to the back and fold border down to create the collar.

Step 5

Flip to front and fold the corners toward the center completing the collar.

Step 6

Note-Image turned sideways to fit display. Fold approximately 1/3 inward.

Step 7

Fold again and slip under collar.

Step 8

Re-open first 1/3 fold all the way and fold vertically.

Step 9

This creates the sleeves.

Step 10

Fold to match all 4 sides completing the sleeves.

Step 11

This is what it should look like so far.

Step 12

Completed back.

Step 13

Completed front.