How to Fix Your Annoying BMW Window Switches

by Pierre Sedagatnia

Have an old(er) BMW with power windows? Do they take a long time to roll up? Is there an annoying sweet spot where the switch only works? Clean them up and have like new switches!


  • 600 grit sand paper
  • QD Electronics Cleaner
  • Dialectric Grease
  • Thin Flathead Screwdriver
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    First things first! DISCONNECT BATTERY! Any time you're working with the electrical system in your car, it's best to disconnect the battery to avoid harming you and/or your car

    Step 2

    First, you want to take the shift boot out. Squeeze the base of the shift boot on the left and right side and pull up

    Step 3

    Should look like this when you pull the boot up. This gives east access to the switches through the console.

    Step 4

    Push the window switches up from the bottom until they come out. They sometimes might be in there rather tightly so you may have to use some elbow grease, but be at your own risk.

    Step 5

    Hold the base connector and pull the window switch out.

    Step 6

    Should look like this when you pull them all out.

    Step 7

    Here are all the switches and supplies laid out and ready (missing is the thin flathead screwdriver)

    Step 8

    You want to put the screw between the casing and the actual switch itself. Work your way around until it pops open. Be aware of flying parts. It's spring loaded! Here they are laid out

    Step 9

    Take the switch apart by putting a small electronics flathead screwdriver between the switch base and the external housing

    Step 10

    On the end you are working on, push the base out from the housing. Repeat on all four corners. Notice I still have the other flathead between the housing and the switch base.

    Step 11

    Another angle

    Step 12

    These are the contacts on the button that engage the switch to roll the windows down or up. Sand these lightly and put a dab of dialectric grease on there

    Step 13

    Sand the corresponding contacts on the switch side and grease them as we'll. You can see where the button contacts if you place the button back on. Be careful not to damage the light bulbs!

    Step 14

    Here is the button sanded and greased. Put them all back together and you'll hopefully have working windows again! Refer to the blown up switch photo (step 8) to see how it goes back together.

    Step 15

    You're done! Comment if you have any questions or would like to suggest anything for your vintage BMW (besides oil changes and how to change your wiper blades)