How to Embellish Tween’s Easter Purse With EXPO INT TRIMS

by tami sanders * paper crafter

trims by EXPO INT are a quick, easy and stylish way to embellish ready made wearables and make them uniquely your own. this Snapguide shows you how to create an Easter purse for your favorite tween.


  • Expo International: Collage Trim Assortment
  • Expo International: 3-D Mini Bow Sequin Applique
  • Expo International: Running Rabbit Applique
  • Expo International: Christie 2 3/4" Gathered Lace
  • Expo International: Lorlana Baby PomPom Fringe
  • Expo International: Khaya FlatBack Gold Pearl Trim
  • Expo International: Krystal Rhinestone Daisy Trim
  • Expo International: Sequin Trim Pack
  • Small Natural Hip Bag
  • Beacon Adhesives: Fabri-Tac
  • Rhinestones
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Needles: Sharp and Embroidery
  • Aqua Thread
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Here are some of the beautiful trims used on this project...

    Step 2

    ...and here are the rest of the fabulous glittery trims used to transform our plain canvas purse.

    Step 3

    Arrange Trims on purse; leave about a 3” gap between top of PomPom Trim and top of Pearl Trim.

    Step 4

    Mark placement along one side with pencil.

    Step 5

    Measure marks...

    Step 6

    ...and repeat them on other side.

    Step 7

    Also add marks at center to help align trims.

    Step 8

    Measure width of purse...

    Step 9

    ...and cut trims to measurement plus 1”...

    Step 10

    ...cutting lace at a diagonal away from measurement.

    Step 11

    Cut a piece of cardboard slightly smaller than purse and place inside to prevent glue from going through to other side.

    Step 12

    Start adhering trims, starting with Lace along the bottom. Run a thin bead of glue...

    Step 13

    ...then press top of lace into the glue.

    Step 14

    Next, adhere the Beaded Eyelash Trim slightly above the lace using marks to align.

    Step 15

    Continue working your way up, adhering Daisy Trim by adding a dab of glue at the centers.

    Step 16

    Make sure you are using your marks as guidelines to keep trim straight.

    Step 17

    Add a dab of glue to back of each pearl...

    Step 18

    ...then adhere pearl trim.

    Step 19

    Add PomPom Trim under zipper.

    Step 20

    And then add Gimp along top of zipper.

    Step 21

    Measure center of purse under gimp and adhere Bunny Trim at mark.

    Step 22

    Cut 5 - 9cm pieces of Sequin Trim.

    Step 23

    Thread sharps needle with aqua thread and add a running stitch along top of ribbon of one of the Sequin Trim pieces.

    Step 24

    Working on backside, pull ends to gather...

    Step 25

    ...pull tight...

    Step 26

    ...then and knot.

    Step 27

    Put a small dab of glue on top end of ribbon...

    Step 28

    ...and adhere to back of other piece of ribbon to create flower. Repeat steps to make 4 more flowers.

    Step 29

    Measure center in 3” gap between trims and then measure and mark spacing for 5 flowers...

    Step 30

    ...adhere flowers to purse.

    Step 31

    Add rhinestones at centers of each flower.

    Step 32

    Yes, it's supposed to be upside down! its easier to see that way. Cut 2 pieces of Eyelash Trim 2” longer than the width of the purse. Line up trim along top edge of purse.

    Step 33

    Separate 3 threads from Fiber Cord and thread in embroidery needle.

    Step 34

    Tie on trim every ¼” using Fiber Cord...

    Step 35

    ...knot, leaving ends to form a fringe.

    Step 36

    Knotted Cord fringe holds Eyelash Trim in place and adds another layer of embellishment.

    Step 37

    Cut 4-10” pieces of Double Strand Fiber Patch Trim, thread 3 pieces through hole in zipper pull, even out ends.

    Step 38

    Use 4th piece of trim to tie around other 3 at bottom of pull; trim all ends to varying lengths.

    Step 39

    Cut off a piece of bead trim from Beaded Eyelash Trim; glue top bead on thread to secure. Adhere beaded piece to tied piece on zipper pull, then top with one of the pieces from the Pearl Trim.

    Step 40

    Working on back cut excess trim to about 1/8” to ¼”. Don’t cut Eyelash Trim at top and cut lace on a diagonal.

    Step 41

    Add a bit of glue to excess trim and fold close to purse edge to secure edges. You don't need to glue lace edges.

    Step 42

    To finish, adhere bows at each side of top, near strap, make sure you catch ends of Eyelash Fringe underneath, cut off excess Eyelash Trim.

    Step 43

    and VIOLA! from plain to fab in only and hour or so. Get your tween to help, or let them do the whole project themselves. Great Make and Take for parties!

    Step 44

    i hope you enjoyed this project! you can find more great trims at you can find me at or at tami.paper.crafter on INSTAGRAM