How to Eggs Box

by Elena Astafeva

There are so many things always left,we don't need any more. But we should look back,think over and an old thing turn into a new one.


Step 1

Take a box from eggs and DIY Craft Paper-Curiosity Collage & Butterflies Graphic 45

Step 2

Step 3

Cut the needed size of paper (I got exactly half of the sheet)

Step 4

Spray water onto paper, so it became softer, it's easier to stick it on the box.

Step 5

Put on the box, and aut off the extra paper

Step 6

Stick paper on the box with School Tacky Glue

Step 7

Cut out stripes from DIY Craft Paper-Bicycles & Polka Dots Graphic 45.The stripes should be two times longer than the box. First spray them with water, then fold them in zig-zag way and stick them

Step 8

Decorate it with pictures, wich were cut before out of paper. I've used two collections: DCE Olde Curiosity Shoppe and Nature Sketchbook (8x8 Pad, 12x12 Pad)

Step 9

Step 10

using flowers Petaloo

Step 11

Step 12