How to Edit Great iPhone Pics With "Must Have"photo Apps

by Nicole .

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    Step 1

    In this guide I'll give a big list of suggestions of my favorite photo editing apps that will allow you to do cool things with your iPhone photos. I'll give many examples of how I use one or more.

    Step 2

    Instagram: It's my all time favorite app. because it's a great social networking tool for learning more about iPhoneography. But it has filters too. This one edited with the "earlybird" filter.

    Step 3

    My other favorite app of all is Photo Wizard. It's great for basic edits, but powerful enough for complex masking and blending of layers for compositions. I use it for at least half of my edits.

    Step 4

    This photo was edited in Snapseed, another one I use very often. It's great for improving photos, but you can also spot edit and give it that cool hdr look.

    Step 5

    Snapseed is also great for adding some punch to your photos as it allows you to fiddle with the saturation and focus your subject with blurring and vignettes.

    Step 6

    For black and whites, this one gets beautiful results, is easy to use, and saves as hi-res. images. I love it!

    Step 7

    Just one more sample with "Dramatic Black and White."

    Step 8

    ScratchCam: Here's a great app for giving your pics a cool grunge look with wrinkles, scratches, splotches and texture. It's easy and fun to use and there's also a free version. Don't miss this one!

    Step 9

    In reality, I often edit with multiple apps. as shown here. I love all three of these. So much room for creativity!

    Step 10

    This app is simple, and has some beautiful filters, but the best ones are in the extra filter pack. It's great for beginners. Other apps have a similar name, but this one ends with the + symbol.

    Step 11

    In this photo, I edited in Camera+ two times with two different filters. I used PhotoWizard to mask out my subjects and blend the layers together.

    Step 12

    With this one, I added the Contessa filter from Camera+ and then used another cool app called "Rays" that lets you add some great sunbeams/rays to any photo.

    Step 13

    FX Photo Studio: It's great for selective coloring..

    Step 14

    But FX Photo Studio has more than a hundred filters..

    Step 15

    You can get all kinds of different effects with it. With FX Photo Studio, and you can paint effects on or off in just the areas you want.

    Step 16

    Percolator: It turns your photos into abstract iPhone Art with pretty circles and stars. After running this one through Percolator, I used Photo Wizard to made a radial blur around the taxi cab.

    Step 17

    Color Effects lets you easily do selective coloring. Change a photo from color to black and white, or repaint it a new color. This brick wall was originally brown, not blue.

    Step 18

    LoMob: Lots of different styles imitating vintage cameras. This one a black and white 30s camera. It's so cool.

    Step 19

    Camera Bag is a great app for beginners. There's not a whole lot to it, but it is easy to use, and it has some filters that imitate the look of some vintage cameras.

    Step 20

    For a photo collage maker, Fuzel is my favorite. Not only is there a wide range of pre-made layouts to choose from, but some fun photo filters are included. Best of all, slice and make your own layout

    Step 21

    With Fuzel, you can add as many photos as you want, or do like I do: Take one photo and edit various ways to make interesting composition. I also edited this with Photo Wizard first.

    Step 22

    Art Pad allows you to make fun collages with pre-made graphics, backgrounds, textures, and you can even add your own photos too. This app is free, but the paid extras are worth it.

    Step 23

    I don't use Art Rage everyday, but you can make beautiful paintings from your photos.

    Step 24

    This is a great starter app. It has many textures, filters, and it's easy to use.

    Step 25

    Here's part 2 of FilterMania, and also free!

    Step 26

    Dynamic Light is a simple app with a handful of filters. Most of them give your pics an HDR look.

    Step 27

    Tiny Planets: This one is fun and easy, and does just what the name says. Works best with horizon/ skyline shots. (That's downtown San Jose, California.

    Step 28

    This app easily turns your photos into 3D shapes and textures. Here's one example, but you can also make spheres, rectangle prisms, and many more. Another one that is fun and easy.

    Step 29

    BlurFx gives you a lot of control to selectively blur out and vignette certain parts of a photo to add focus.

    Step 30

    This one was edited with "Popsicolor." I don't use it everyday, but it is a fun way to turn your photos into a kind of painting.

    Step 31

    FlowPaper allows you to paint abstract, colorful lines and swirls on a canvas or a photo. I also used PhotoWizard to mask out my subject and add a vignette.

    Step 32

    King Camera: Here's a great free app for both making adjustments + adding great grunge effects or fun filters. I also added a gradient to this pic in PhotoWizard.

    Step 33

    Adobe Ideas allows you to easily add layers to paint on top of your photos with a vector brush. You can also access your photos stored in the Creative Cloud or other popular photo sharing sites.

    Step 34

    Adobe Ideas is now free! In this photo, I painted all around the surfer, then sent it to FXPhoto Studio for another filter.

    Step 35

    With this, I used Adobe Ideas to create negative space around the doorway by painting black all around and making it smaller. Then used PhotoWizard for the blurry rays around her. (I do this often!)

    Step 36

    If you like this guide, be sure to see my other Snapguides too. You can also follow me @magrelacanela on Instagram (and Twitter) where I give details on my editing process for each photo I post. .