How to Eat the Perfect Nacho Bite

by Rick Matharu


Step 1

Order your nachos. Make sure you ask for extra everything. It only taste better that way.

Step 2

Appreciate your plate of extra everything Nachos. I'm getting so hungry looking at this beast of a plate.

Step 3

Pick out a nacho or 2. Make sure there is a good amount of cheese, sauce etc on it.

Step 4

Add more toppings, sour cream and salsa.

Step 5

Pick out a hot sauce if available.

Step 6

Pick out the HOTTEST hot sauce around. The one dropper!

Step 7

Just go at it like no one is looking. Enjoy the BOLD burst of flavours and crunch.

Step 8

Cool off with a ice cold beer. Nachos and beer is the best combos. Good eats!

Step 9

Follow me as I will be on Food Network on November 14 on Recipe To Riches with my Butter Chicken Lasagna