How to Easy Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes!

by ☺ Z


Step 1

This will be the final look 😄

Step 2

Sorry, i am not sure why the pictures are so bad, they looked fine before i uploaded them! 😒

Step 3

First, conceal under your eyes and prime your lids.

Step 4

Apply eye liner to top lash line.

Step 5

Sorry, I'm not sure why this shows up so bad quality on the guide.

Step 6

Urban decay, have baked.

Step 7

Apply all over your lid, ending just before your eyebrow.

Step 8

Step 9

Add a lighter color above, all the way to your brow bone. And a darker color in your crease (but very lightly)

Step 10

Step 11

Add some gold sparkles (optional)

Step 12

Step 13

Re-apply eyeliner.

Step 14

Apply your favorite mascara

Step 15

All done!

Step 16

If you would like a guide on this look, comment and let me know! (yes, this is my eye; i just edited a firework into it) ☺

Step 17

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