How to Easily Spring Up and Catch the Fever!

by Bliss Design

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, love is in the air...! It's time to brighten the ambiance of your home! Read on and I'll tell you how to do just that fast and easy!


  • 3 Vases or empty glass bottles
  • 1 Batches of flowers (white or yellow)
  • 3 Plates of various sizes and colours
  • 1 Glass Pitcher and glass set
  • 1 Willlow wreath
  • 6 Batches of artificial flowers
  • 3 Bunches of Willow branches
  • 1 Handful of seashells
  • 1 Wool throw
  • 3 Bottles of scented cream
  • 2 Colored planters
  • 2 Plants
  • 1 Rooster picture frame
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Dress up a cheerful looking plate with a vase, one or two willow branches and a couple of carnation flower stems. I love the colours teal and green for spring and carnations are easy and cheap to buy.

    Step 2

    Willow branches and flowers in a whimsical vase for a centrepiece on your table makes for a springy addition! To add freshness, i've placed settings in the colours of sky blue and rainbow stripes.

    Step 3

    Don't forget your entryway as it welcomes you, your family and guests everyday. Some say it's the heart of the home! A vase with a bunch of Willow branches for some capturing and alluring drama...

    Step 4

    In the bathroom, some Willow branches and flowers in a more glamorous vase. Seashells, not only makes for a nice serenity touch, but also a nice conversation starter, especially if from your trip!

    Step 5

    A set of vintage glassware and pitcher from your local thrift shop, and you're almost ready to serve those summer cocktails! All that is missing is the sun and your family and friends, enjoy!

    Step 6

    A lovely foliage plant in a hallway can make anyone feel blooming green! A flower patterned dish plate on the shelf to keep keys handy for when you want to run outside fast to have fun in the sun!

    Step 7

    This dish was purchased at my local thrift shop for pennies and dimes!

    Step 8

    Some more blooming green foliage in a cheerful red planter, and a charming picture frame of a rooster crowing "Good Morning", today will be a lovely day!

    Step 9

    Bonjour, wake up sleepy eyes!

    Step 10

    Make this wreath by inserting the artificial flower wire stems inside the openings of the wreath. Twist as desired. You can buy the flowers from your local dollar store. Now, sit, enjoy and relax!

    Step 11

    Drape a patterned crocheted wool throw on your sofa for those chilly evenings. Preferably, share and enjoy with a loved one!

    Step 12

    In your bathroom, on a shelf or the side of the bathtub, display some bloom scented cream, to put everyone in the mood for spring and soft skin!