How to Easily Change the Color of Your Tennis Shoes Soles

by Csir Em

If you don't like to deal with keeping your tennis shoes soles white or simply just want to change the color well here's your guide.


Step 1

Here's the supplies I used. New pair of shoes. Markers are Sharpie. The big one is oil paint and the thin one is a fine permanent marker

Step 2

Depending on the sole make sure you get all the little ridges, bumps or whatever your sole has. For these I painted in an up and down motion following the ridges. It made it easier

Step 3

Start to paint. Note: oil paint markers are glossy so as you can see your sole will end up with a gloss look. Make sure you like like this look before painting or find a flat permanent marker/paint

Step 4

Most shoes have a lip so make sure you get all in there. This is where the fine marker is used. Also, make sure the markers are the same so u don't end up with two different shades

Step 5

I tried to paint the lip with a regular permanent non oil based marker and you can see the different shade. You can let it dry and go over it again to darken it

Step 6

I was able to paint the lip with the broad tip oil based marker and used the non oil based one for touch ups. Here's the first one all done

Step 7

Another shot

Step 8

See how glossy it looks? Now continue with the other one

Step 9

All done...

Step 10

All finished and ready to wear 🚶