How to Dye Cloth With Tea, and Make a Tea Cozy Out of It

by Sonya Kleinsasser

Just a fun thing to try, and see what comes out..there is no right or wrong way of doing all can use the tea dyed cloth to make anything you wish, don't have to be or look anything like mine


  • A pot and stove top
  • 3 diffent kinds of teas you want to work with.
  • fork or fish out cloth
  • Iron and cloth to iron on
  • White cotten cloth for out side of tea coze
  • Insutating cloth for inside tea cozy
  • small cotten white scraps of cloth to dye
  • scissers,pen, glue stick and pins
  • sewing machine and tread
  • and a kettle
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    First put on a boiling kettle of water...this will speed things up lots......

    Step 2 decide with kind of tea you are going to use and find a scrap of white cotton cloth, to go with each kind, it can be very small.

    Step 3

    Next start up your stove and add a splash of water from the boiling kettle, only enough to cover the bottom of you pan or pot..boil one of your tea...!

    Step 4

    ...add one small scrap of cloth. Boil!! When you like the color fish the cloth out with a fork...(so you don't stain you finger like I did).....

    Step 5

    ...keep repeating this with all your 3 kinds of teas..., but don't forget to give the pan a rinse after every dyeing so that your yellow, and red don't turn out strange.

    Step 6

    ..squeeze the extra tea out of the dyed cloth into its holding dish....

    Step 7

    I decided i want one more color, so i am going to pour the dark brown and red together and boil one more scrap to see what comes out.....

    Step 8

    Nice! A redder darker brown...that should work fine...

    Step 9

    Next put out a dark cloth to iron nothing gets stained...

    Step 10

    To dry the cloth fast i am going to iron with out steam...

    Step 11

    All dry! I like it! :)

    Step 12

    Next draw the shape of the tea cozy with a pen on the white cloth ....I just did it freestyle....

    Step 13

    Cut out the shape and the you like....

    Step 14

    Glue them on to the white part...arranging them as you wish....

    Step 15 around leaves with button hole stitch... I just did what i did,....this is art can do whatever you like.....

    Step 16 fare...

    Step 17 cut out 2 part of the insulating inside part of the tea cozy...

    Step 18 pin both parts together of insulating gray. Then pin the white outside part together with the leaves facing each other inside.

    Step 19

    sew around both .....

    Step 20

    (I stiffened my white part with some black cloth......that is why it is not white anymore... You don't have to do that...)....but now it is stiff and i need to snip some V's around the curve.

    Step 21

    If you like your curve when it is flipped to its right side then you don't have to snip anything.....

    Step 22

    now, slip the inside insulating part into the white outer part, like a glove and wiggle and pin the top before you cut the extra material off that sticks out at the bottom...

    Step 23

    sew...around bottom... and then zigg-zag round or serge around with a serger if you have one...

    Step 24

    Finish off by hemming up the tea cozy ....your done!! Good Job!

    Step 25

    ...and the tea cozy at work...cute!