How to Draw Taylor Swift

by Just A Girl

Requested by Greta Lightner! 😜 This isn't my best drawing, but I tried 😣 Actually turned out better than expected, but not perfect...


  • Sketching pencils
  • Sketchpad
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Start by sketching the outline of Tay's face and hair... I drew a little bit of her neck, too. 😊

    Step 2

    Begin to outline Taylor's shoulder and arm on the left. On the right, her hair will be covering up her shoulder, so just sketch in the outline of her hair. 🙆

    Step 3

    Add the rest of Taylor's torso and sketch in the top of her dress. Don't forget to add the other half of her hair as well.

    Step 4

    Now for the hardest part... Taylor's face. Couldn't perfectly capture her pretty face, but I tried my best. Be sure to draw lightly, because I had to erase and redraw a LOT. 😁

    Step 5

    Add some more detail to Tay's hair. Think of things like "what does other people's hair look like when it's down?" and use short, quick pencil strokes. Blend it in with your fingers.

    Step 6

    Shade in however you would like!! I added in a line from Wildest Dreams (my current favorite Taylor song 🎤). You can add whatever you want, and then you're done!

    Step 7

    Thanks so much for reading my guide! Like & follow for more. Leave suggestions in the comments!!! Hope it helped you 😊😘✌🏻️ (Thanks to Greta Lightner for suggesting this guide)