How to Draw Impossible Shapes

by Heather W

These things are easy to draw, but look harder than ever! Impress your friends with your awesome new found drawings skills!


  • Paper
  • 1 Pencil or Pen
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    This guide is an extention on Maria Haiducu's guide 'How To Draw An Impossible Triangle'. I will be showing you how to draw any shape like that.

    Step 2

    Grab a piece of paper and a pencil or pen. Pencils work best because you can erase any mistakes, but if youre cool enough to have an erasable pen (like yours truly) then you can go ahead and use that.

    Step 3

    You can pretty much use any shape, but I'll just show you the square, 5 point star, and and eye shape one.

    Step 4

    THE IMPOSSIBLE SQUARE Start by drawing a square. Here's my fabulously drawn one.

    Step 5

    Then extend the sides just a little like so ^

    Step 6

    Now off those lines draw more lines following the previous square you drew. See?

    Step 7

    Next make little points off the ends of the lines you just drew.

    Step 8

    Connect the tip of the lines you just made to the corners accross.

    Step 9

    Ta Da! You're done! That wasn't so impossible now was it?

    Step 10

    THE IMPOSSIBLE 5 POINT STAR Start by drawing a star. Ain't he a cutie?

    Step 11

    Extend the sides like with the square.

    Step 12

    Once again off those little extentions you follow the outside of the star.

    Step 13

    Make the points.

    Step 14

    And connect.

    Step 15

    Shade it a little and you're done! Gold stars for everyone!

    Step 16

    Now for the eye/leaf shape. Draw the shape.

    Step 17

    And again you extend the lines a little.

    Step 18

    Again you follow the original shape.

    Step 19

    And make the points.

    Step 20

    Then connect.

    Step 21

    And shade.

    Step 22

    Here's a crazy shape that I drew using the exact same method I showed for the other shapes.

    Step 23

    Be creative! Almost any shape will work. Have fun!