How to Draw an Easy Manga Face

by Kristian :)

This is the easiest way of a manga face. I'll explain the face in detail in the following guides. Hope you like it!


  • Piece of paper (mainly squared paper)
  • Thin & thick pencil
  • Triangle
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    First, I don't want to give you an exact guide of how to draw this. I just want to give you an idea of the lines and a bit inspiration. Remember this :)

    Step 2

    Start with a circle and a cross like here.

    Step 3

    Add these two lines. This all doesn't have to be exact.

    Step 4

    This part is a bit tricky. I don't really know how to explain it. Just try a bit on your own.

    Step 5

    Add the neck and the ear.

    Step 6

    Now comes the second tricky part: The eyes. This needs a bit practise but is not that difficult.

    Step 7

    Finish the eyes and add mouth and nose.

    Step 8

    Start with the hair. Be creative here, every hair looks different.

    Step 9

    I did it with a ribbon. But draw it however you want.

    Step 10

    This was all the first step :) Now look what looks bad and edit it. I did the hair, the right eye, the mouth and the neck.

    Step 11

    Start with the other pencil. Take one that is very difficult to erase. However, this means you have to be very careful.

    Step 12

    Finish it. You now have the last chance to change the lines.

    Step 13

    Now comes the last more or less tricky part: the shading. I did it very quickly so it doesn't lock that professional.

    Step 14

    If you want, you can also add clothes. But only a bit! The focus should be on the face.

    Step 15

    There you got it! To be honest, it's one of my worst faces. This one took me about 5-7 minutes. Normally I need 15 or more. Have fun drawing!

    Step 16

    Here are a few other faces i drew.

    Step 17

    Step 18

    This one's from my instagram page.

    Step 19

    These are 2 full mangas and some "chibis". I can make a guide on full mangas and chibis if you want.

    Step 20

    These two are inspired by Mark Crilley. He's a god when it's about how to draw mangas. You can find him on Youtube.

    Step 21

    Thank you all and have fun drawing! 😊