How to Draw a Squidward Collage

by Julianna Martinez

A cool project to do in your free time!


  • 1 paper
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 pack colored pencils
  • markers
  • 1 sharpie
  • 1 eraser
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Start with an oval for his head

    Step 2

    Then erase part of the oval and add two other smaller ovals for the eyes

    Step 3

    Draw a line across about 2/3 the way on the eyeballs for the eyelids

    Step 4

    Add a triangle shape for a nose

    Step 5

    Draw two slanted lines to start his mouth

    Step 6

    Draw a hot dog shape to finish off his mouth

    Step 7

    Draw two lines connected to the head for his neck

    Step 8

    Draw a "v" shape below his neck and then add a bubble letter "m" to make his collar

    Step 9

    Next draw two rectangle shapes on the sides of his collar for the sleeves of his shirt

    Step 10

    Draw another larger rectangle to finish off his shirt

    Step 11

    Add two curved lines to start his tentacles

    Step 12

    Draw a line down the middle of his legs and draw a curved line at the top. Also at the bottom draw two other curved lines for his feet

    Step 13

    Draw two long curved lines for the bottoms of his feet

    Step 14

    Draw two hill shapes to finish off his two tentacles and then draw two other hill shapes for two other tentacles

    Step 15

    Draw two wavy lines to start his arms

    Step 16

    Make two other curved lines and end it off with it cupped off and there is his arms!

    Step 17

    Draw three circles on the bottoms of his two tentacles in the front and then on his hands draw two circles on each of them

    Step 18

    Now draw a smile with a curve on the side of his smile and then add a rectangle in his eyes to make his pupils

    Step 19

    Finish off him by drawing three lines on his forehead and drawing several circles above the lines as we'll

    Step 20

    Start drawing designs of your choice all around the paper for the collage

    Step 21

    This is my finished sketch. You can choose to copy my designs or do your own

    Step 22

    Write over everything in sharpie

    Step 23

    Erase all the pencil marks

    Step 24

    Now you can color the collage.

    Step 25

    This is my finished project!

    Step 26

    I hope you liked this guide! Please comment below what I should do next.