How to Draw a Simple Rose

by Catherine Grace

My way of drawing a quick and easy rose


  • Different color markers
  • Paper
  • Imagination
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Start with a bean shape

    Step 2

    Draw another bean-like shape for a petal

    Step 3

    Draw another petal overlapping the first

    Step 4

    Another overlapping petal

    Step 5

    And another...

    Step 6

    And another...

    Step 7

    Can you see the rose start to form? Continue putting petals on overlapping each other as if they are spiraling outward as you draw. They should get bigger as you go.

    Step 8

    Once you have the shape, you can add color or a stem or leaves, whatever you feel necessary.

    Step 9

    For leaves, draw a leaf shape with a line through it.

    Step 10

    And veins in the leaves

    Step 11

    For color I like to start with yellow where the light hits

    Step 12

    For the petals I like to use a pink for the yellow fading to red

    Step 13

    Use dark purple for shadows on the petals

    Step 14

    Use dark green for the shadows on the leaves

    Step 15

    Finish it off with red and green and then your done.