How to Draw a Realistic Mouth With Depth!

by Rose Krofcheck

I got requests for this, I tried my best and hope you enjoy it:)


  • Small brush
  • Sketch stick
  • H pencil
  • F pencil
  • Extra piece of paper
  • Knead eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Instructions

    Step 1


    Step 2

    Start with a generic lip shape like this!

    Step 3

    Add small light wrinkles into the lips... (H pencil)

    Step 4

    Start drawing the shape of the philtrum on the upper lip. (H pencil)

    Step 5

    Get a small brush for the next part...

    Step 6

    Brush/ smooth out the lines on the upper lip like so!

    Step 7

    Take your F pencil and make a patch to rub your brush in...

    Step 8

    Give the lips some definition with shading!

    Step 9

    Take your knead eraser and go back and make more highlights in the lips!

    Step 10

    Take your F pencil and redraw the line in-between the two lips... I find that it turns out better if the line is dark and a little bit shaky because lips don't create a perfectly straight line:)

    Step 11

    Take your dark sketch stick and make a patch for your brush<3

    Step 12

    Use your small brush to shade your lips like this! You will probably have to do a few coats to get the lips nice and dark!

    Step 13

    Sharpen your F pencil to a great point...

    Step 14

    Redraw the line in-between the lips and start to define the wrinkles...

    Step 15

    Get your knead eraser ready...

    Step 16

    Use it to make more highlights!

    Step 17

    Finish drawing on the small wrinkles:)

    Step 18

    Start to shade around the mouth with your H pencil...

    Step 19

    Blend out harsh lip lines...

    Step 20

    Take your F pencil and make darker areas like this! YOUR FINISHED!

    Step 21

    Now you have a nice set of lips;)

    Step 22

    Enjoy :(|)

    Step 23

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