How to Draw a Bird

by Allie Bauer🎀

I am drawing a simple sparrow, this was a request from Miranda :) if u have a request leave a comment.


Step 1

First start with two circles, one is the head, the other is for the overall body

Step 2

Connect the two circles to form the neck and basic form of your bird

Step 3

(ignore my artist lines) add the beak, which is different on every bird

Step 4

Then add the wings and tail, this bird's wings are show at this angle but the left only partially, and the tail emerges out of the area the two wings join on the body

Step 5

I have erased my lines and defined the body, added a thigh for the leg, and fixed the beak

Step 6

Defined the body a bit more, (don't want a fat bird now do we?)

Step 7

I have added the neck line which is only a pattern I've chosen for this bird so if u don't want it, it's optional

Step 8

Ive added patterns on the wings, the eye (remember the highlight in it,) and the pattern that connects the eye

Step 9

I've added all the detail, this is my own custom bird, so I added some stripes ;) I also added the twig and legs,

Step 10

Remember I've been doing this for a while, so don't get discouraged if it doesn't look right at first, have fun, and please comment if u want a guide on how to draw something :)