How to Dramatically Increase Your Domain Conversions

Don't get over technical with your copy or it will likely you put your audience off. By all means, add clickable content for deeper understanding

How to Dramatically Increase Your Domain Conversions
20 Steps

Everyone with a website that they've built to generate revenue wants to get the best conversion rates that they can. Many people consider conversion rates most appropriate to e-commerce


websites and lead generation websites. However, conversions could be any key performance indicator (KPI) that drives the growth of your company, such as newsletter sign-ups, enquiries through your

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contact form, phone calls about your services or anything else that has a measurable impact on the success you achieve. One of the keys to great conversion is the website user experience.


The Internet game has changed over recent years, with even rankings factoring in user experience through bounce rates and time on website. Digital marketers simply have to understand user experience


conversions, and how they can do their utmost to keep visitors happy and give them what they want. If you get user experience right, then you could double your conversions and drive massive growth


that takes you to the next level. Let's take a look at some of the fundamentals of user experience. Videos and Rich Media In many cases, web designers jampack landing pages with as


much information as possible becomes difficult to really scan the page. Most website visitors that are looking for a product or service will want to be able to quickly get an idea of what is provided


whether you can fulfil their requirements. A quick video explainer or graphic can go a long way to getting visitors engaged with your website and looking further into what you have to offer.


Keep videos short and captivating, get straight to the point, and balance your website pages so that they include the text required to give people information as well as rich media


content that they can consume farced. It's getting to the stage where people prefer videos and rich media, such as animations and explainer videos, rather than reading through pages of text.


It's getting to the stage where people prefer videos and rich media, such as animations and explainer videos, rather than reading through pages of text.


The user experience is defined by the perception that your website creates. If you are targeting a local market, such as in New Zealand, then you need a domain


that speaks to users over there, such as a .CO.NZ. Not all web hosts and domain providers will provide the full range of country-level domains and so you may need


a provider like… in New Zealand, or Heart Internet in the UK. You shouldn't underestimate the power of local appeal


and you should make sure that your domain name is short, snappy and resonates in your target market location. Companies spend millions on rebranding and changing the names of their


businesses. Be intelligent in the way that you choose your business name and your domain name, and think local when it comes to the domain name extension.


Each website needs to find its own way to speak to its audience. You need to put yourself in their shoes, with their questions, and their level of knowledge.


You can then communicate to them based on what they are looking for, not on what you want to say. It could be that your first landing page focuses on one key message throughout, answering


different questions, and you have a sales funnel that takes them through to conversion. People will have different journeys on your website, but you need to structure a way for


them to get to communicate with you and take action.

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