How to Double Crochet (Lesson 9)

by D Crafts

This is my lesson 9 guide. How To Double Crochet! Leave a nice comment about what you want me to make next for a chance at a shoutout!


Step 1

This is what your double crochet will look like, Note: if you don't know how to make a slipknot or chain refer to my lesson 1 and lesson 5 guides!

Step 2

Let's start by making a slipknot

Step 3

Chain 12 stitches

Step 4

Yarn over but don't pull through the yarn

Step 5

Then insert it into the 9th stitch

Step 6

Now yarn over and pull 1 loop through

Step 7

Now yarn over and pull 2 loops through

Step 8

Now pull both loops through

Step 9

Step 10

Now you've got your first double crochet stitch

Step 11

This is what it will start forming

Step 12

There's your double crochet! Thanks for reading my guide