How to Do Winged Eyeliner (Easy Way)

by Simay Kocmar

It is a torture for us to do a winged eyeliner. This new way will help you do it easier!


Step 1

All you need is a tape and a pair of scissors! (And eyeliner of course😄)

Step 2

Cut off a piece of tape.

Step 3

Stick it to the back of your hand before you place it to your eye so it will lose some stickiness and won't damage your eye area.

Step 4

Now you can place it to your eye as you want to. I placed it a little perpendicular.

Step 5

Now that you can draw the wing of the eyeliner.I drew a short wing because I like it better but you can draw your wing as you like it.

Step 6

Take off the tape carefully. (Sorry about the tv, I just realized the sound it makes!)

Step 7

And now that you have a flawless wing! You can complete the other part of the line as thick as you want.

Step 8

(I made it thicker here.) Thanks for viewing! Please like and leave your comments below! Have a good day! ☀