How to Do Valentine's Day Nails

by Bryahnna 💋


  • Sense of humor
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Happy Valentine's Day! This is just a silly nail guide! Laugh with me... Ha-ha...hahahaha Also-- i haven't done my nails in forever so I'm sorry if they're extra messy

    Step 2

    Paint your middle 3 nails white & your pinky and thumb nails a different color. You can obvs use whatever colors you want, but im using vday colors of course.

    Step 3

    If you're single & sad (laugh with me) we're gonna put "luv sux" on the middle fingers using a toothpick/thin brush dipped in black polish

    Step 4

    On my thumbs I'm making a little bottle to symbolize me drinking my feelings away. So create an upside down wine glass shape

    Step 5

    using a steady hand use a thin brush to outline the bottle. I created a label using white polish & then x's (hardest thing of life to make) with the same tiny brush. Lol yes those are x's

    Step 6

    I felt like the fingers in white needed somethin extra so I just added pink dots using a bobby pin

    Step 7

    Then do the same thing to your right hand but instead of "sux" you're writing "luv".

    Step 8

    Ta daaaa!!! Again-- don't mind how ugly my nails are.

    Step 9

    I hope you all have a very happy happy Valentine's Day!!!