How to Do Up an Old Wooden Box and Make It Divine

by Alisha McCreery


  • 1 Wooden box with potential
  • 1 Decoupage glue
  • 2 Paintbrushes
  • 1 Acrylic paint
  • ½ Meters Crushed velvet
  • 1 Material scissors
  • 1 Wood/ craft glue
  • 1 Meter Old poster or decorative paper of any sort
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Find a nice wooden box with some detailing...

    Step 2

    And nice hinges

    Step 3

    ...but not necessarily the best interior. I picked this up at a garage sale for $5

    Step 4

    Find paper covering for your box. This is an old poster but use wrapping paper, tissue paper, newspaper or whatever. A small floral motif would have been my next choice

    Step 5

    Pick out parts that you like and paint them a bright color to show them off, that goes well with your paper. I particularly like gold. Also run some paint around the edges where your paper won't cover

    Step 6

    Measure up your box accurately to cut your paper to size. Make it 1mm smaller than the surface, and it fits well.

    Step 7

    Cut paper to size

    Step 8

    Step 9

    Use decoupage medium to stick the paper to the box..

    Step 10

    ...and varnish!

    Step 11

    Velvet time! I went with crushed, of a deep watermelon. Make sure its thin to make later manipulation easier. Make a pattern by measuring the inside dimensions of the box, and cut!

    Step 12

    Run a line of craft glue along the top edge and the join of the floor and wall of the box. Fold over the top edge of the fabric for a neat finish

    Step 13

    Repeat for the other side

    Step 14

    And voila!

    Step 15

    I had an old cheese box which I couldn't help but paint gold and...

    Step 16

    Start on some jewellery partitions. The possibilities are endless!