How to Do Peach Bellini Inspired Makeup🍑

by Sofia Kelly

Peach bellinis are a peach bubbly drink, but today I'm making a make up tutorial to match it :) enjoy!


Step 1

Start with a clean, dry eye. At this point add eye primer if you'd like.

Step 2

Add a light champagne colour to your lids.

Step 3

Apply a darker shade to the outer corners.

Step 4

A more peach shade to the upper lids.

Step 5

Add a bright yellow/peach to the inner corners.

Step 6

Apply your favourite mascara.

Step 7

And liner. I'm using a sparkly silver liquid liner since the sparkles look like little bubbles to me :P

Step 8

Apply a peachy blush.

Step 9

And light peach lip colour. Lol my lips look big..

Step 10

Finished product! Easy right? Thanks for looking :) enjoy! 🍑