How to Do Panda Nails

by Someone Else

Really cute and simple nail design!!


  • White nail varnish (I used Barry M Matt White)
  • Black nail varnish (I used MUA shade 2)
  • Clear nail varnish (I used Barry M clear)
  • Either a thin nail varnish brush or a pencil
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Ok first of all you need to make sure your nails are completely clean, because the bottom of the nail will still be showing, and then apply a base coat to protect your nails.

    Step 2

    Paint the tip of you nail white and then continue along the nail to create a curve. This will make the body.

    Step 3

    For the next steps you will need a thin brush or I used a pencil and put a blob of varnish on some paper (I used my history revision to celebrate finishing the test!)

    Step 4

    Put two large circles in the corners for the ears.

    Step 5

    Then put two smaller black dots for the background of the eyes. Make sure these are big enough to put two more sets of dots in.

    Step 6

    In the centre of these put two small white dots.

    Step 7

    Add a small black dot for the nose. Do this before the next step to let the whites of the eyes dry completely.

    Step 8

    This is probably the hardest part. Put a small black spot in the eyes. If this goes wrong then you can put white over the top of it and start again on this step.

    Step 9

    Ta daa!!