How to Do Basic Tech in Melee

by Reed Black

Basic Melee Tech


  • 1 Nintendo Gamecube
  • 1 Gamecube Controller
  • 1 Copy of Melee
  • 2 Hands
  • 1 Brain
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    First Technique: Wavedashing. All you need to do to wavedash, is press your jump button (x/y) then quickly input a diagonal on the left stick and press L, or R.

    Step 2

    Second Technique: L-Canceling To L-Cancel, you need to jump again then input an aerial attack close to the ground then press L or R to reduce the landing lag when you hit the ground.

    Step 3

    Last Technique: Fast Falling Fast Falling, or FF, is the easiest. Just jump, and when you are in the air, press down on the left stick, ad you'll fall faster!