How to Do an Easy Hair Twist

by dmulisha .

Requested guide (not sure if this is the twists being looked for)


  • Your hair
  • Bobby pin, hair clip
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    This is where I am starting, I part my hair relatively far to the left side. I am going to "twist" my bangs/fringe

    Step 2

    I took out a portion beside my part

    Step 3

    Split that one piece in half

    Step 4

    Take the top piece or the piece farthest from your face and bring it down, toward your face (base of the twist)

    Step 5

    Now take the new top section and pick up a little from what's laying down (like you would in french braiding), and bring that piece sown like the first time! I apologize this picture isn't great.

    Step 6

    Continue to repeat step five and pin back.

    Step 7

    Step 8

    K so, video! Please let me know if this is still confusing, and I will get someone to tape it (I have never done it myself before)