How to Do a Twist Braid (And Finish With a Plait)

by Amanda Kingsley

I can't do a french braid, so this is my option. Simple, quick & easy!


  • 1 Small Clear Elastic
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Brush
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Brush Hair.

    Step 2

    Take a small portion of hair from the front right of your head, roughly above your eye.

    Step 3

    Separate into two pieces, a front and a back. Front is on the left in the picture.

    Step 4

    Take the front strand. (The strand on the left of the photo)

    Step 5

    And put it OVER THE TOP of the back strand which is underneath. (The front strand is on the right in the photo)

    Step 6

    You have one twist. Now twist again using the same method. (Now the front strand is on the left again)

    Step 7

    Now take another portion of your hair to the right of the beginning strands, closer to your ear. (I held the other two strands in my hand at the back of the photo)

    Step 8

    Join it to the strand at the back that has been drawn UNDERNEATH the front strand.

    Step 9

    Twist over the other strand.

    Step 10

    Take another portion of hair (getting closer to the ear each time) and attach to the back (and smaller) strand that was brought underneath the other to the front.

    Step 11

    Twist this piece OVER the back piece.

    Step 12

    Continue until you have two even strands (that have been twisted) and the remaining hair that hasn't been included in the braid yet can become the third piece in the plait.

    Step 13

    Plait these 3 strands together until the bottom of your hair. (Assuming you know how to plait?)

    Step 14

    Take the small clear elastic.

    Step 15

    And tie off your hair at the base of your plait.

    Step 16

    And you have a twist braid! (This picture is of the first one I have ever done so yeah its a bit sloppy)

    Step 17

    If you choose to use a ribbon, tie around the elastic band by looping underneath the band, tying it off and creating a bow. Can look nice but I prefer without, as the style looks nice enough without.

    Step 18

    You can also just do a hairdo using just the twist braid by itself with your hair down. To do this braid only a small portion and pin it back either behind hair that is out or twist into a high pony.

    Step 19

    As another option, you could do this style (braid&plait) and then twist the plait into a small bun at the base of your head. I tried this, but it ended up weird for me. It might work for you.

    Step 20

    By the way if you leave this style in overnight it actually loosely curls your hair and it looks very chic, messy/effortless and I do this that day before if I want curly/crimped/tousled hair. ❤️ it:)

    Step 21

    Thanks for watching! Also please check out my other guides:)