How to Do a Simple Bronze Eye Makeup Look :)

by Sarah Cook


  • Eyeshadow Primer
  • Bronze cream shadow
  • Light bronze/ brown eyeshadow
  • Dark brown eyeshadow
  • Champagne eyeshadow
  • Some eyeshadow brushes :)
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Pencil eyeliner
  • Eyelash curler
  • Mascara
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Apply any eyeshadow primer or base :) I'm using Urban Decay!

    Step 2

    Apply a bronze cream eyeshadow to the lid and slightly blend in. I'm using Hard Candy's Shadowholic in the shade Camel Back.

    Step 3

    Add a champagne highlight to the inner corner and brow bone. I'm using Skimp by Urban Decay.

    Step 4

    Apply any light brown or bronze to your eyelid on top of the cream shadow applied before. Product used: Wreckage by Urban Decay.

    Step 5

    Now apply any dark brown shade into your crease and blend. Apply more if you want it more intense! Product: Twice Baked by Urban Decay

    Step 6

    All done with eyeshadow! I'm going to do my eyeliner and mascara now. Almost done with the look!

    Step 7

    Put some black pencil eyeliner on your waterline! I'm using Urban Decay's amazing 24/7 Glide On eye pencil in Perversion.

    Step 8

    Now I'm going to add on some liquid eyeliner! Let me know if you want a guide on how to do it like mine. :)

    Step 9

    Just a simple line with a wing. I always do the cat eye look! I used Milani's Ultrafine liquid eyeliner in the shade Black Vinyl.

    Step 10

    Apply two coats of any mascara you prefer. I use Nyx Doll Eye. It's a great black waterproof mascara. :)

    Step 11

    The eye makeup will look something like this!

    Step 12

    All done!

    Step 13

    Finish off with anything else you want to add! For me I just used some pink lipstick. Thanks for viewing! Enjoy your makeup look. :)