How to Do a Roundoff

by Kel Kel Strickland


  • You
  • Good Attitude
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Before you start a round off, put your hair up!

    Step 2

    There are THREE steps to a round off

    Step 3

    1) cartwheel (previous guide)

    Step 4

    2) handstand

    Step 5

    And 3) landing into rebound

    Step 6

    Once you have these steps, you can do a round off!!

    Step 7

    This is a roundoff

    Step 8

    Notice my hands

    Step 9

    This is how your feet look... they snap together creating a handstand

    Step 10

    Always be shure to rebound after you do anything so you can get ready for the advanced tumbling

    Step 11

    And this is it all put to together

    Step 12

    Notice the first step I did was the cartwheel and the second step I did was the handstand and the third was the rebound/landing!!! Keep trying and good luck!! (It took me 1 hour to learn this!)

    Step 13

    Don't forget to stretch!!