How to Do a Pop Up With Strap

by MarĂ­a Caballero Scrapbooking

We are going to learn how to do a pop up with moving !!


  • Cardstock
  • Glue
  • ruler
  • Graphic 45 paper
  • acetate
  • imagination
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Cut a piece of cardstock in 8"x 5" and fold in half, this is our baser card

    Step 2

    cut another piece in 4" x8 1/4", you can cut in paper or cardstock.

    Step 3

    This is the previous piece but i put in withe cause you see better the cut and folding lines

    Step 4

    When you finish the previous step you have a piece like the black one.

    Step 5

    now we put glue in tabs, only in tabs

    Step 6

    glue it to the base card, be sure that your strap going in the free side of base card

    Step 7

    Here we go!! we have a pop up, now i add some acetate strips for doing the fly of butterflies , you only have to cut some in different sizes.

    Step 8

    You can see here

    Step 9

    anddd... Alehop... Magic!!!