How to Do a Pickpocket Card Trick

by Omar ElDessouky

This is a mind blowing trick that is astonishingly simple to execute.


Step 1

In order to execute this trick you will need to obtain both playing cards and the box where it's kept.

Step 2

Make the audience select a card to memorize, they may also sign it

Step 3

After that, they should place the card back.

Step 4

Once they put the card back show their card while bending the card.

Step 5

Now that it's back, you could make the audience shuffle the cards the way they want to because their chosen card will be now visible.

Step 6

Now talk to the audience about how some very talented pickpockets can steal the right amount of money without even opening their wallet. This distraction will allow you to put their card at the top.

Step 7

While you're are talking to the audience. Insert the cards back in the box but leaving their card taller than any other.

Step 8

Now close the box on the card right before theirs so it would seem to them that the box is closed.

Step 9

Now insert the box into their pocket.

Step 10

Now swiftly swipe their card of the box. Then afterwards display to them their card slowly. To give it an exceptional presentation.