How to Do a Perfect Eyeliner Wing

by ✌❤Dεδτιηγ Ρεττιδ❤✌

I hope you like this :) and if there is anything you would like to see done just ask me :)


  • Eyeliner
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Okay so a lot of the time at school people tell me i do the perfect wing on eyeliner so I am just going to show you how i do it :)

    Step 2

    So first you need liquid eyeliner and a pencil one

    Step 3

    Then take the liquid eyeliner

    Step 4

    Okay so make sure you get the eyeliner as close to your lashes as you can (sorry for my face 😔 I didn't put stuff on )

    Step 5

    Now take the pencil

    Step 6

    And put it on the bottom led . Now if you have small eyes dont uses black use white cause it will make your eyes smaller looking

    Step 7

    Take your eyelashes curler

    Step 8

    And put it on and hold for about 20 sec then do 5-10 pushes

    Step 9

    Take your mascara

    Step 10

    And put it on the way you like

    Step 11

    Now take a light color eyeshadow to make it pop alittle I am usesing the top one

    Step 12

    Now put it on I put some on the top of the eyeliner I did just so you can see the eyelashes a little better

    Step 13

    And there you are done :)

    Step 14

    Hope you liked it :) comment and like also if you want me to try some thing tell me !