How to Do a Natural Eye Makeup

by Antonia Berger

How to do a natural makeup look


Step 1

Materials that I will be using.

Step 2

First you will need to get a brush for applying.

Step 3

You will need to get a base- meaning a color that about matches your skin tone, or a tad darker.

Step 4

Then you will need to get a color that could be used as the 2nd base, for me it would be one of the whites! After you get those 2 colors then one at at anytime apply both on top of each other.

Step 5

After applying your 2 colors so far this is what your eye lids should look like.

Step 6

Then add a shimmer or a sparkle to give it a little boost (optional).

Step 7

Then apply mascara!

Step 8

Step 9

Then for me I apply a brown or a darker color in the outer corner of my eye to give it a little boost.

Step 10

Then for the end product for me this is what it should look like Hope this helps out!!!