How to Do a Magic Trick Called Trapped

by Nebmagic98 .


  • Deck of cards
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Sorry it's taken me so long to get this up.

    Step 2

    Start with a deck of cards( It doesn't even need to be yours!) and remove the to jokers.

    Step 3

    Set the jokers aside and let the spectator(s) shuffle the deck.

    Step 4

    Have them pick a random card.

    Step 5

    Set there card on top.

    Step 6

    Shuffle the deck but keep there card on TOP.

    Step 7

    Set a joker 5 down in the deck(don't let the spectator know your counting).

    Step 8

    Then flip the deck over and do the same as the top.

    Step 9

    Square it up.

    Step 10

    Let the spectator cut it once.

    Step 11

    Take off al the cards above the first joker you come to.

    Step 12

    Set those card aside.

    Step 13

    Do the same you did to the top to the bottom.

    Step 14

    Recap to the spectator what you have done so far.

    Step 15

    As you are recapping slide the 5th card from the bottom be hind the other cards.

    Step 16

    It won't look like you did anything from the top.

    Step 17

    Square it up, as you do it there card the one the you pulled behind the other cards, there card will be on the bottom.

    Step 18

    Do not show them that There card is on the bottom.

    Step 19

    Cut the cards.

    Step 20

    Take off all the card above the first joker.

    Step 21

    Flip it over and do the same as you did to the top to the bottom.

    Step 22

    Then there will be only one card left.

    Step 23

    It will be there card.

    Step 24

    Hope you like it. :-)