How to Do a Frontside 180 on a Skateboard

by David B.

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  • Skateboard, skate shoes
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Step #1 In order to do the trick I am about to teach you, you must know how to Ollie on a skateboard first, if you don't what an Ollie is, image you are trying to jump the board.

    Step 2

    Get on your board with your feet parallel to each other.

    Step 3

    Pop the tail of your board on the ground.

    Step 4

    A split second after you pop your tail on the ground slide your front foot up the board dragging your shoe to make the board ollie.

    Step 5

    After dragging your front foot up the board turn your foot as if you were going to the right, and turn your body leading with your shoulders 180 degrees to your right.

    Step 6

    Land on your board with your feet on the bolts parallel to each other, and bend your knees.

    Step 7

    An example of what this should look like, and a replay of it in slow motion.