How to Do a Front Kick

by Common Sense Martial Arts

This guide will show you the basics of how to perform the Front Snap kick correctly.


Step 1

Begin in a side on stance, feet two shoulder widths apart, with the kicking leg back. Feet should be parallel, pointing slightly to the side. Keep the guard up throughout.

Step 2

Drive the rear leg forwards as if to knee an opponent. Keep the body upright, with the weight on the standing foot.

Step 3

Straighten the kicking leg by extending the knee towards the target. You should aim to strike with the ball of the foot by pulling the toes back.

Step 4

Recover the kicking leg by snapping it back into the flexed position as you prepare to set it down.

Step 5

Set the kicking foot down landing forwards as you complete the kick. From here you can either perform additional moves, or return to the starting position.