How to Do a Dynamic Warm-Up

by Marc Santos


Step 1

Disclaimer: Please consult with your physician before attempting any exercise.

Step 2

This warm up should come after any pre-work, such as foam rolling, and any corrective exercises for specific problem areas.

Step 3

Section off about 10 yards and travel back and forth between the markers. This warm up incorporates movement with dynamic stretches.

Step 4

This gradually gets more intense to prepare you for more vigorous movement. Move from one exercise to the next with little to no rest until the full sequence is completed. Total time: about 10 min.

Step 5

Start with shoulders circles. 10 forward and 10 backward.

Step 6

Walking quad stretch. Pull your foot behind you making sure that you stand tall. Keep your knees close together. If you can grab your foot with both hands, if not, one hand is fine.

Step 7

Walking knee hugs. Pull your knee in close to your body. Keep your toe flexed toward your shin. Stand up tall.

Step 8

Walking toe touches. Keep your legs as straight as possible. If it is difficult to touch your toe with a straight leg just touch as far as you can down your leg with a straight leg.

Step 9

Walking glute stretch. Make sure your grab around your knee with one hand and grab you ankle with the other hand. Pull your leg in tight into your body while standing up with a tall posture.

Step 10

Walking lunge with twist. Take a big step out into a lunge. When in the bottom position place your hands behind your head and twist to the side of the leg that is up. This stretches the opposite side

Step 11

Single leg deadlift with reach. Stand facing backwards. Put a slight bend in one leg and with the other leg reach back trying make a straight line from foot to hands. Reach out with both hands.

Step 12

I call this touch, touch and hop. Stand facing side ways. Reach down to one side doing a side lunge touching BEHIND your foot on your heel. Repeat on the other side and then hop over to repeat again

Step 13

Lateral shuffle. Stay low and almost do a boxers weave. Do not let your feet cross and stay in a low athletic stance.

Step 14

Carioca. This one is best explained by the video. Cross one foot in front of the other and then cross behind moving sideways. Move your hips with the movement.

Step 15

Butt kicks. This is called a butt kick, but you are really trying to get your calf to touch your hamstring.

Step 16

Runners skips. These are short skips. When skipping, raise your knee up to waist height while swinging the opposing arm. Keep your toe flexed toward your shin. And stand up tall.

Step 17

High knees. Exaggerate your jog so that your knees come up slightly passed your waist. Move as quickly as possible.

Step 18

Next preform 5 big jumps. Remember to use your arms to help you generate force. When landing, land softly, like a ninja. Landing softly will help you absorb the force through your muscles.

Step 19

Then finish up with about 30 jumping jacks, focusing on your breathing.

Step 20

Tip: You can wear more layers of clothing to expedite the "warm" up, and then just peel away the layers as your body temp goes up.