How to Do a Cucumber Turtle

by Samantha Velazquez

In this guide you will learn hot to make a turtle out of a cucumber step by step and you will see what tools you will need to do so. There will also be pictures included to give you an idea of how it will kind of look like.


  • paring knife
  • vegetable peeler
  • cucumber
  • cutting board
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    cut end off and then cut about 2 inches off

    Step 2

    First cut a thin line close to the bottom of where you cut your cucumber. Next you have to cut an outline of a pentagon in the top and make your way down.

    Step 3

    move onto the other piece you cut off from the cucumber and leave about a half inch in the center and on both side cut down into it but not all the way and then finish cutting it off from the sides

    Step 4

    After you just want to leave a small piece for the head and cut the rest off but don' cut all the way through

    Step 5

    Then after that you just want to cut small little triangular pieces for the legs of the turtle

    Step 6

    Lastly, use just have to grab your turtle shell and cut a square big enough so the head can fit and just place it on top of the feet and then you get a turtle.