How to Do a Brown Smoky Eye

by Seara Lamarche


  • Light cream colored eye shadow
  • Light, medium, and dark brown eyeshadow
  • Mascara
  • Black or dark brown eyeshadow
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    This look utilizes browns and neutrals to create a sultry smoky look that looks fantastic and dramatic :)

    Step 2

    Prime your eyes first. This helps the shadow stick and also amplifies color.

    Step 3

    Use your cream colored shadow on the inner half of your lids and along the top

    Step 4

    Blend your light brown into the cream, and outwards. Add your medium brown, blending it with the light brown and outwards.

    Step 5

    Add your dark brown on the outsides of your lid, blending with the medium brown and creating a square-like edge on the outside of your eye.

    Step 6

    Line the bottom of your eye. Because my eyes are small I only do mine about half way, that way they look bigger :)

    Step 7

    Blend your medium or dark shadow into your bottom liner. This gives you a bit more of a dramatic smoky look rather than a clean one.

    Step 8

    Add mascara...

    Step 9

    Voila! You may want to touch up the cream and blend things a little more, depending on what you like.

    Step 10

    I also like to add the lightest color (in this case the cream) into the inner corners of my eye and along the bottom. It brightens you up :) feel free to post any questions or comments :D