How to Do a "Black Swan" Make Up

by Lando Larissian


  • White aqua make up
  • Black aqua make up
  • Black eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • White powder
  • Purple eyeshadow
  • Grey eyeshadow
  • Fake blood/dark red lipstick
  • Brushes
  • Sponge/Cotton pad
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Take white aqua make up and a sponge (I took a cottonpad) and paint it all over your face.

    Step 2

    Don't forget your ears and neck!

    Step 3

    😆 My shelf brake down, while I was doing this tutorial!

    Step 4

    Now take a white powder and put it on your face as well.

    Step 5

    Work it in with a fluffy brush.

    Step 6

    Take a black eyeliner pencil and paint two dots on the sides of your nose. Connect those with the inner corner of your eyebrows.

    Step 7

    Continue this line all the way along your brows. At the end wing it out.

    Step 8

    Do the same thing under your eyes.

    Step 9

    At the end connect the two lines in a wing-like shape. Shape the outlinging the way you want!

    Step 10

    Put the liner on your waterlines.

    Step 11

    Take black aqua make up and color the shape in, like you did as a child 😊

    Step 12

    There you go

    Step 13

    Take a thin eyeliner brush, white aqua make up and line your eyes.

    Step 14

    Add some white stripes to the black shape. You can blend it a little with a clean and watery brush. I also changed the shape a little bit more.

    Step 15

    Now you need to shape your face a little bit.

    Step 16

    Take the eyeshadow down on the sides of your nose, along the cheek bones and on the tip of your nose.

    Step 17

    For the lips I used fake blood, but you can as well use a dark red lipstick.

    Step 18

    Then add a little bit of purple eyeshadow.

    Step 19

    For the last step frame your lips with your black eyeliner and blend it in. And you are done!

    Step 20

    For the crown and costume have a look at my other guide! I hope you enjoyed and thanks for watching! 💕