How to DIY: Make Your Own EOS Inspried Lip Balm

by Emilia Hajsen


Step 1

You need a vaseline, a bowl, a kinder surprise and some "peppermint taste"

Step 2

Open you kinder surprise and take the little "toy holder" out. Open it and put some foil/plastic in it.

Step 3

Add 3-4 soup spoons Vaseline in to a bowl

Step 4

Melt it in 5-6 min. Or into it is completely melted

Step 5

Now add some "peppermint taste" into the melted Vaseline, about 1-2 tee spoons

Step 6

Fill the holder half up, to make the rounded top

Step 7

Put it in the fridge in about 15-20 min. Or you can just put in the freezer in 7-10 min.

Step 8

Take it out and you have a nice rounded top. Put it into the fridge/freezer again (without the holder!)

Step 9

Now fill the holder up with Vaseline If the Vaseline is clumpy then melt it again It's important that it's completely melted!

Step 10

Put it into the fridge/freezer in 25-30 min

Step 11

Now you have a top and a holder

Step 12

Use some of the rest Vaseline on the top of your holder like a glue

Step 13

Put the top on, and put it in your freezer/fridge Enjoy!❤