How to DIY Gift Boxes That Double as Holiday Decor

by Snapguide Team

This guide is in partnership with the Paper & Packaging Board Board – How Life Unfolds TM campaign.


  • kraft gift boxes, assorted sizes
  • colored paper
  • utility knife
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • cutting mat
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Decorating gift boxes gives us an opportunity to personalize the gift. With the help of Paper & Packaging — How Life Unfolds ™ campaign, we’re transforming brown kraft boxes into holiday houses!

    Step 2

    These practical packages work double duty: You can display them in your home as a modern and whimsical holiday village for the holiday season, then use them as gift boxes when the big day arrives.

    Step 3

    Gather your supplies.

    Step 4

    Using a ruler and a pencil, draw the outlines of doors and windows, and architectural details on the front flap of your gift box.

    Step 5

    Use a utility knife to carefully cut out each detail. Be sure to cut on a cutting mat!

    Step 6

    Erase the leftover pencil marks.

    Step 7

    Onto the colorful backing! Measure and cut a piece of colored paper just smaller than the face of your gift box.

    Step 8

    Build the gift box, then tape this paper to the inside of the box’s front.

    Step 9

    Tuck the front flap of the gift box into place, and you’re done!

    Step 10

    After building a bunch of these adorable holiday houses, we displayed them on our foyer table as a darling, hilly village. And then we made some by hole-punching a bunch of white office paper!

    Step 11

    Psst: To make these paper trees, simply cut out two identical shapes. Cut halfway down from the center-top of one tree and halfway up from the center-bottom of another tree, then slide them together.

    Step 12

    There you have it: Charming gift packages *and* a holiday village made of simple brown kraft boxes and paper. Happy gift-giving!