How to DIY a Sangria Bar

by Snapguide Team

This guide was made in partnership with IZZE®.


Step 1

Friendsgiving is one of the best celebrations, because you get to spend time with your closest friends. We’ve partnered with IZZE® to put a refreshing twist on Friendsgiving with a DIY sangria bar!

Step 2

Sure, you could make sangria ahead of time, but why not make it an interactive and customizable part of your party?

Step 3

Set out a selection of IZZE® flavors to mix with either red or white wine. Ou fave combo is Sparkling Pomegranate with red sangria, and the Sparkling Clementine makes an oh-so-amazing white sangria.

Step 4

For a more seasonal sangria, set out some earthy spices like cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and cloves.

Step 5

Let your guests zest up their drink with different combinations.

Step 6

And lastly, don’t forget about some fruity garnishes. Oranges, pears, apples and strawberries make a colorful addition to any glass.

Step 7

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