How to Dehydrate Apples, Part Two

by Jan Nellis

Wonder how the apples turned out? Come see!


Step 1

Here are yesterday's apples. Dry them between 110 -140° . It really isn't an exact science. Not like rocket science. I wish it was rocket science. Then I'd really have something to brag about!

Step 2

For raw apples I dehydrate at 115° or lower. Low temperatures help maintain the healthy enzymes present in the apple. The length of time you dehydrate depends on how crispy you want your apple.

Step 3

I like a chewy apple but they can be as crispy as a cracker. I'm thinking about taking a video to show you how pliable they are but every time I pick one up I eat it The apples are that good!

Step 4

Here are the same apples from yesterday's guide. The raw, sliced apple weighed 6 oz. The dried one is 0.8 oz. The dried apples have the addition of cinnamon. So, what do you think

Step 5

Knowing how to dry apples yourself means that you can make this treat to suit your needs. Please your family and friends with something delicious and nutritious.

Step 6

Make them as crispy or pliable as you'd like!

Step 7

Nine apples weigh 6 oz. Next time I'll weigh the apples before slicing & dicing Just for fun. You're allowed to do fun things in the kitchen. You're allowed to do fun things with your dehydrator too!

Step 8

Want to know what I do with the leftovers? The wee little pieces that don't amount to much? They're perfect in potpourri, as rabbit snacks or bird treats, tossed in muffins, or in homemade tea bags.

Step 9

Enjoy dried foods. Just remember to drink lots when you're eating them. Dehydrated foods want to do one thing...soak up moisture whenever they can. They'll soak up yours! Stay hydrated!

Step 10

A perfect game-night snack. A great low-cal treat. I'll just take these in to share with my husband now.

Step 11

I thought you'd like to know what an apple looks like after soaking in the lemon-water solution without cinnamon. Very light an pretty!